15 October 2013

Jim Clark joined our team

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Dealing with the paranormal for someone not familiar, can be very stressful and sometimes scary. That is where we come in. For knowledge and support, WASP will help in what ever way possible.

Good knowledge brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space, whether it’s a 200-square-foot loft, a rambling country estate, a rundown defunct factory, or a historic site of terror and distress. 


Our team of highly professional researchers have gone through a vigorous training course and are expected to show the utmost respect, both earthly and spiritually.

Our Team

Wisconsin Area Society

of the Paranormal

  • My Friends3:50
  • Nymphetamine Fix5:02
  • Unknown Title2:19


01 January 2016

Teamed up with WISPR to create Ghost Mystery Inc.

  • Architecture History
  • General History
  • Photographic and Video Collection
  • EMF and EVP
  • Investigation evidence review and recommendations